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1000W Solar Generator All-in-one Solar Home System with Battery

Features & Advantages

  • Integrated 5V/12V/220V Output
  • Inverter/Battery/Controller All-in-One Design
  • Moveable Power Supply Generator
  • Solar Charging and Grid Charging

1000W Solar Generator All-in-One Solar Home System

1000W Solar Generator is off grid solar home system with lead acid battery, solar panel. It is all-in-one solar home system for power supply independently. The solar generator is very easy to install, integrated with 220V AC, 12V DC and 5V USB as output in one unit. So it provides the most convenience to user.

Descriptions & Features

  1. Solar panel: 18V 200W * 2pcs
  2. Battery: 12V 200AH Lead Acid Battery inside *1pc
  3. Solar Charge Controller: 50A 12V *1pc
  4. Output power: 1000VA sine wave inverter 
  5. AC output: 220V 50Hz/60Hz 
  6. DC output: DC 12V 1A *4pcs, USB 5V 1A *2pcs
  7. DC input: 15V-18V PWM
  8. Max AC charge current: 20A 

Usage1000w Solar generator


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