5 Affordable All-in-one Solar Power System for Home during the Pandemic

At present, there are different kinds of solar power systems for power supply in market. No matter for residential or commercial electricity supply, it is playing a very important role to solve power supply problem and to improve their lives. In this article, we will briefly introduce you 5 different types of all-in-one solar energy systems for home use.

1. Solar Lighting System

It is one type of mini solar power system, also named solar lighting kit or solar home light. It is developed to solve lighting problem and phone charging issue. Due to it is very easy to use and very cost-effective, it is suitable for remote areas and villages.


Solar home light is one  complete kit with solar panel, battery build-in and DC 12V or 6V led lighting, as well as other functions, like USB port, with FM radio, etc. The system kit generates electricity directly for DC outlet, simple and portable. Since the world-wide pandemic breakout, it has dramatically affected people’s life, predictably it has much more effect on those who live in remote areas and villages of Africa, Middle East and Asia, South America. At tough time, lighting source will become helpful and more meaningful for homes there,for living and for children’s reading, etc.

8W 12V Solar Lighting Kit with LED, Lithium Battery

2. Small Solar Generator Kit

The solar generator kit is designed with larger output power capacities,  normally from 300w to 2000w in the market. Technically it is one type of integrated solar power system, all-in-one box design. With relatively bigger solar panel and battery pack, the generator has more powerful function. It can supply power some kinds of AC home appliances, such as fan, TV, computer, AC led lamp, etc. Because it has both DC outlet and AC outlet. And the solar generator kit is portable for home use. Mostly important, it is also affordable and easy-play, plug-to-get-power. 

3. Off Grid Solar Power System

This off grid energy system or stand-alone PV system, is used for residential power supply or for commercial shops and offices electricity use. Regularly it has power range from 3kw to 30kw, even bigger. It is more like what you traditionally think about the solar power system. Therefore, in this type energy system, there are solar array, power inverter, solar charger controller and battery pack, mounting system, as well as accessories of cable, connector. The system can provide much more energy and electricity to meet your household demand and to solve electricity problem when there is power-cut-off for Grid, as soon as there is sun light, and it can save money in your electricity bill. 

4. Grid-tie Solar Power System

Grid-tie solar energy system is mainly for countries and areas with stable electricity grid for example, in EU, America, Australia, China, India, etc. The government supports and encourages the grid-tie solar system installation. And after installation, you can supply electricity to house loads and feed back to Grid for selling by net-metering system. It mainly works with Grid-tie solar inverter, directly connecting to the Grid and then solar panel energy feeds into home loads and the Grid directly.  Of course, above is the brief working principles for grid-connected solar power system, there are many other laws and regulations issued from different countries

5. Solar Home Appliances System

This type solar system is new welcomed kit, especially for some home appliances. That includes solar TV, solar Fan, solar refrigerator and solar air-condition system. Most of these kits are DC system integrated with solar energy. Therefore, it is very good option to solve extra electricity using issue for home appliances.  

rechargeable all-in-one solar tv kit

Above are normal types of solar power systems. Of course, there are other types, no matter for indoor or outdoor.  It also includes solar street light and solar flood light, as well as solar pumping system, basically for outdoor power supply. And there are solar hybrid energy storage system and solar plants. For those system, we have to say sorry not to make more introduction.  In all, solar power system now can supply more economic and stable electricity for the world, due to technology advancing and cost decreasing during recent years, it is certainly brings us another better electricity-obtaining choice.

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