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WeBright Solar Provides You Qualified Solar Power System Solutions & Customized All-in-one Solar Home System, 5KW/10W Off Grid Solar System, Solar Power Equipment including Solar Home Kit, with Good-quality and Flexible Service.

Solar Power System Solutions

All-in-one Solar Energy Systems
Off Grid Solar Power System Solutions 5KW-100KW
5kwh 10kwh solar energy storage system
Solar Hybrid Energy Storage System
30KW 50KW 100KW Solar Hybrid Energy System
30KW-120KW Solar Hybrid Energy System
solar dc water pumping system
Solar Water Pumping System

Solar DC Home Appliances

Solar TV 32" 40" Rechargeable All-in-One Kit with Li-ion
Solar TV with DC 12V/AC 220V & LED Lighting
Solar Refrigerator All-in-One Solar Fridge Kit for Home
128L/328L Solar Fridge & Freezer Kit
rechargeable fan solar fan dc
Solar Fan Kit with Battery & PV Panel
DC AC Solar Hybrid Air-condition
Solar Air-condition System



How Solar Power System Works

Generally, Solar Power System, also named photovoltaic system, works when sunlight carries energy down to Earth. In off grid system, solar panels are mounted on the roof or exposed in the sunlight outside on ground. They convert sunlight into DC electricity and flows into PWM or MPPT solar charge controller, and then it charges different types of batteries (Deep cycle, Gel battery or Lithium-type battery), then inverters convert DC power to AC electricity for AC home appliances use. But in Grid-tie system, DC electricity flows to inverters directly, then it creates AC electricity. Your houses can use it,and it can be faded into Grid for a credit or selling by Net-meter. There are also other types, such as solar hybrid system, solar dc home kit or solar lighting system, etc.

Solar Projects

We can customize your own complete solar power system solutions, pv energy system upon your requests. We provide off-grid, grid-tie and small portable solar home kit,etc.

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Solar Energy Systems Supplied
How to Build Solar Energy System for Home

Our Mission

WeBright Solar aims to provide you professional, reliable and flexible complete solar power system solutions, no matter for residential or commercial use. And we will put much efforts on remote areas and places without stable electricity. Solar power help people to obtain more constant energy supply. Meantime, all-in-one solar home system will help to reduce electricity bill. Solar energy system will make life better and brighter.

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Dedicated and devoted as always, WeBright Solar provides you complete solar power kits, solar power solutions, and customized solar system, etc, with good quality and flexible service. Let's work together in Renewable Energy for Better Life.

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